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[06/27/16] Site down for awhil.
Should be OK now.

[07/12/15] Moving to a new server.
There will be some (brief) interuptions while the process is ongoing.

[08/24/14] Made some changes to tech site.
 Here --> The Synthesizer Net/
There are now four forums on Delphi Forums connected to this site.

[09/12/13] Added dual booting Win 8 to tech site.
 Here --> The Synthesizer Net/Linux

[06/13/12] Added forum to tech site and doing some updating.
 Here --> The Synthesizer Net/

[10/10/11] Added new dual-boot how to and a link to some free virtual machines to tech site/linux.
 Here --> The Synthesizer Net/Linux

[08/29/2011] Site moved and split - Tech pages are here --> The Synthesizer Net

[05/20/2011] Closing forum. Will be removing links.

[06/10/2009] Lingr Chat closed up. Will be removing links.