Religious History Of
The American People

Sydney E. Ahlstrom - New Haven and London: Yale University Press 1972

"The frontier preachers, the earnest founders of holy commonwealths, the visionary utopians, the ecstatic seers of mountain visions and kingdoms coming. Here is not only the most complete but one of the liveliest books on American religion yet written. This is no survey, but a saga. Yet the jagged pieces—of Irish Catholics, Hasaidic Jews, Mormons, Poles and Puerto Ricans, Black Baptists, Occultists, and Episcopilians—all fit together. Aimee Semple McPherson and Cotton Mather, William Penn and Adam Clayton Powell, all find their place in this story of the American Spirit … "
—From Citation for the 1973 National Book Award in Philosophy and Religion.


[Page 1019] "Harmonial religion encompasses those forms of piety and belief in which spiritual composure, physical health, and even economic well-being are understood to flow from a person's rapport withe the cosmos. Human beatitude and immortality are believed to depend to a great degree on one's being "in tune with the infinite." … "

[Page 1020] " … Harmonial religion as here concieved is a vast and highly diffuse religions impulse that cuts across all the normal lines of religious division. It often shapes the the inner meaning of the church life to which people formally commit themselves … "

"Things that accord in tone vibrate together. Things that have affinity in their inmost natures seek one another. Water flows to what is wet, fire turns to what is dry. Clouds (the breath of heaven) follow the dragon, wind (the breath of earth) follows the tiger. Thus the sage arises, and all creatures follow him with their eyes. What is born of heaven feels related to what is above. What is born of earth feels related to what is below. Each follows its kind."
I Ching Book one line 5

" … . The self is a field within larger fields. When the self joins the Self, there is power. Brotherhood overtakes the individual like an army … not the obligatory ties of family, nation, church, but a living, throbbing connection, the unifying I-Thou of Martin Buber, a spiritual fusion. This discovery transforms strangers into kindred, and we know a new, friendly universe … ."
Aquarian Conspiracy Page 100

"All things are intertwined, the one with the other, and sacred is the bond" wrote Marcus Aurelius, "for all things have been marshaled in order and constitute the one Cosmos. There is one God through all, and one Substance, and one Law, and one common Reason of intelligent beings, and one Truth." There were other prominent pagan Romans who also were able to perceive this, as well as Greek philosophers. For instance, Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, knew that "There is one common flow, one common breathing, all things are in sympathy. The whole organism and each one of its parts are working in conjunction for the same purpose … the great principle extends to the extremest part, and from the extremest part it returns to the great principle, to the One nature."
—(De Alimento)

"If the cooperation of some thousands of millions of cells in our brain can produce our consciousness, the idea becomes vastly more plausible that the cooperation of humanity may determine a Great Being."
—J B S Haldane - Essay on Science and Ethics, quoted in Teilhard de Chardin's Phenomenon of Man

"All things are derived from One great Principle, and this Principle is the unknown and invisible God. From Him a substantial power immediately proceeds, which is the image of God, and the source of all subsequent emanations. Matter is nothing more than the most remote effect of the emanative energy of the Deity."
—Kabbalah, quoted in Isis Unveiled, vol. 2