The One Quest

by Claudio Naranjo—Ballantine Books

"Since The One Quest, On the Psychology of Meditation and other books, Claudio has sought to put forth a universal perspective that rises above sectarianism, notwithstanding his appreciation of the preciousness of all forms of spiritual teaching. Also in his life and teaching activity, as in his books, he has been integrative and anti-dogmatic."
—From Claudio Naranjo Claudio Naranjo web site..

"We are questioning and taking leave from cultural forms, institutions, and sources of authority. I emphasize questioning and taking leave rather than rebelling because, just as in the physical world a revolution is a circular movement that ends where it started, again and again in historical revolutions the son supplants the father only to grow up in his likeness. Those whom I see as the flesh of today's "revolution" are not rebelling so much as they are questioning, departing. leaving something behind, and "minding their own business." This seems to be much more drastic than the emotional reaction of protest. For it is clear that when we leave something behind we are seeking a fresh start or we have already developed something that renders obsolete what we are leaving."

" … . In our own biology is the key to the prison, the fear of fear, the illusion of isolation. Whole brain knowing shows us the tyranny of culture and habit. It restores our autonomy, integrates our pain and anxiety. We are free to create, change, communicate. We are free to ask 'Why?' and 'Why not?' … ."
—Aquarian Conspiracy Page 103 

P. 323 [chapter 10 - The Transformation of Values and Vocation] "If there is power in the transformative experience, it must inevitably shake our values and, therefore, the total economy … it must make us rethink what we owe each other, what is possible, what is appropriate. Sooner or later, the new paradigm changes the individual's relationship to work; part-time transformation is inherently impossible.

"Making a life, not just a living, is essential to one seeking wholeness. Our hunger turns out to be for something different, not something more … ."
Aquarian Conspiracy Page 323